Saturday, July 21, 2007

Google's $4.6 Billion Bid - Good Or Bad?

Its been a headline for some sites in the internet as well as in media and prints that the giant Google had announced its participation for bidding next year in 700MHz wireless spectrum by the plan auction of the federal government. There's a lot of speculation as to what is the real plan of Google. Some say that Google will perhaps kill the cell phone industry once they win in the bidding.

According to Google, they want that the consumers should be allowed to download and use any applications they want to their mobile devices; that all devices can switch to any network provider as what customers chooses; that open services that would allow for third-party resellers to acquire wireless services; and that a third parties, such as Internet service providers should be allowed to connect to wireless networks.

Well I think if that is case then the public will appreciate what Google is doing and I hope there's no other plan that would make troubles to others.

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