Saturday, April 28, 2007

HAPPYSLIP - You Will Slip Into Happiness

One of the video contributor in YouTube that I admire most is Christine known as Happyslip in YouTube, she has the talent that most of us dream of- in acting, singing, playing instruments, composing a song you name it, people who follow her videos in YouTube can't ask more for her talent.

Eight months since she joined Youtube and in those time she had been invited to different film conferences, TV network guesting and awarded 2nd place by YouTube as best in comedy on one of her videos. She also have her very own website where you can read her blogs and other information about her, you can also purchase a merchandise bearing her happyslip tag.

One of her video "HOME" which she uploaded in Youtube last December is my favorite. The video shows the meaning of HOME which relates to me 'cause I myself right now is far away from home that is my family. The song in the video was composed and sung by Josh Verdes which carry the same title "HOME". Here is the video watch it (I know you've already seen it).

Thursday, April 26, 2007

AGLOCO - Get Paid To Surf The Net

Its been a while since the birth of AGLOCO and the members are multiplying so fast. AGLOCO is free to join site and members make money in four ways:

1st - Members earn a monthly share of the AGLOCO revenue based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month.

2nd - Members earn part of the company based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month (currently a maximum of five hours are rewarded).

3rd - Members who use our referral system to help build the AGLOCO network will earn more. (AGLOCO only has significant value as a large network and people who help build it should be rewarded. – We also feel that the early users who told friends about YouTube or MySpace or even Google probably deserved something too, but no referral system was available to record their work).

4th - Members will also get a share of any commissions AGLOCO gets when a Member purchases a product or service from an AGLOCO Sponsor company

The AGLOCO Viewbar will be availlable soon to all the members.. Click here for more information.

At Last! A Blog Account

Well its been a while for me figuring out how to sign-up a blog account here 'cause it's written in Korean Characters since I'm in Korea right now I guessed my computer is set-up in this country, but liittle that I know there is a page for language settings.... yeah how blind am I. Well I'm not the guy who knows much into this internet world but I'm learning and want to learn more. . .

Learning something into this field is big leap for me, where I could publish my thoughts, concerns or what ever around the world and who knows earning extra cash while doing it, perhaps like you and some of the big names here in the blogosphere... I hope. Making money online is a great learning opportunity where working from 8 to 12 or sometimes 14 hours a day in a factory and far away from the family is a very very big difference, if you could lend hand giving tips, guidelines, etc. that would be great. . .