Saturday, April 28, 2007

HAPPYSLIP - You Will Slip Into Happiness

One of the video contributor in YouTube that I admire most is Christine known as Happyslip in YouTube, she has the talent that most of us dream of- in acting, singing, playing instruments, composing a song you name it, people who follow her videos in YouTube can't ask more for her talent.

Eight months since she joined Youtube and in those time she had been invited to different film conferences, TV network guesting and awarded 2nd place by YouTube as best in comedy on one of her videos. She also have her very own website where you can read her blogs and other information about her, you can also purchase a merchandise bearing her happyslip tag.

One of her video "HOME" which she uploaded in Youtube last December is my favorite. The video shows the meaning of HOME which relates to me 'cause I myself right now is far away from home that is my family. The song in the video was composed and sung by Josh Verdes which carry the same title "HOME". Here is the video watch it (I know you've already seen it).

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