Sunday, May 13, 2007


What is DIGITAL NOMAD? Am I one of them? As FreedomSeeker include me in Nomad's list in her blog site. Well verybody knows what 'digital' is, but 'nomad' according to my research means travelling from place to place. So I can say that a Digital Nomad is the person who is travelling from places armed with digital devices.

So am I one of them? Yes and perhaps slightly no, yes - because I use digital products such as cellphone, computer, etc., and slightly no - because I don't travel a lot as the meaning implies 'place to place', although I've been out of my country once and at present for work contract.

As to my response to FreedomSeeker :

1. How to be succesfull in this lifestyle?
You got to be well adopted to the people by building a good relationship with them whether you know them or not, through this you can build a network that could make you successful.

2. What is the biggest drawback being a nomad?
You are right that establishing new found relationship and leaving behind is the hard part but for me my biggest drawback is being away from my family, I know that you know how does it feels.

3. What is my minimum essential equipment I currently have?
Rigth now I got my old laptop and mobile phone, others coming soon.

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