Monday, May 21, 2007


The national and local elections in the Philippines was just held last Monday, May 14, 2007,some elected candidates in local elections have been proclaimed and a catholic priest is one of them in the name of Fr. Ed Panlilio against a well known rivals.

The Candidates:

The First Candidate - The current Governor running for re-election, the son of an actor which is a former Governor and Senator. Supported by the political party and an ally of the President.

The Second Candidate - A Provincial Board Member, wife of a well known and controversial figure, supported by political party and also an ally of the President.

The Third Candidate - A Catholic Priest known also as "Among Ed" to his province. No political party nor ally of any politicians, supported only by ordinary people.

Fr. Ed Panlilio decided to run for office to give the people a choice, a choice out of traditional politicians and the people have spoken. They vote for the candidate which has no millions of pesos of funds instead of candidates who have access to millions of cash, they voted for the amateur instead of the professional politicians, in other words they needed a change and that is Fr. Ed Panlilio.

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robinson go said...

hey there! mabuhay!

wow, i didn't know that info. thanks. a priest wins the election. that's cool though i do think that there should be a separation between the church and state.

just my opinion ofcourse.